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Sky Sports’ Neville getting on his bike

To the world of Rugby League, you’ve finally got your wish and I’m getting on my bike……………………

On Sunday 2nd September I’m doing a charity bike ride to raise funds for Guide Dogs for the Blind. A very close relative has a diabetes related condition which is almost certain to cause him to lose his sight over the next few years. For a fit young man with a young family it’s a very daunting prospect, and I want to do something now to at least offer some help for him for the future.

My son Lachlan and I will be cycling 30 odd from miles from London to Windsor, and any support you can offer will be gratefully accepted. As I say, it’s not a marathon, but anyone who’s watched me waddle around Sky Sports and Rugby League grounds for the past twenty years or so will appreciate it is my own Everest I’m climbing.

You can sponsor us by going to  and following the usual instructions.

Thanks in anticipation.

Neville Smith
Executive Producer
Sky Sports Rugby League

Photo: Sky Sports’ Neville getting on his bike