Will Maher Q&A: Wakefield friendly, 2020 aims and more

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Will Maher Q&A: Wakefield friendly, 2020 aims and more

Hull Kingston Rovers prop Will Maher sat down with Alex Green ahead of his first outing in Red and White this Sunday against Wakefield Trinity.

AG: Ahead of your debut for Rovers, after spending time on loan at a couple of other clubs, how does it feel to have a place that you can call home and hold down a starting spot?

WM: That is what I am hoping to do. It feels good if I am honest, when I have been on loan to other places I have been very grateful to where I have been to Oxford, Batley, Halifax and obviously a few games at Castleford as well.

It is all experience really and sometimes it is not a straight shoot to being a regular Super League player. I have not done that yet really but that is the challenge this year and I hope that I can do it here. It is a good opportunity and the best opportunity I have had to do that, so hopefully this year can be the year where I can give it a regular gig.

AG: What made you choose Rovers as your home?

WM: I had a bit of interest mid-season and then Tony (Smith, head coach) came and he wanted to have a bit of a look at me before he signed me. I thought that was a good sign because you need to look at someone before, you do not want to just take someone on a whim.

I think we played against Rovers in that game which we lost when I was at Castleford, by that Danny McGuire drop-goal. Tony got to have a look at me there and he seemed quite impressed, and by that time I had a little chat to him and it was really positive.

It seemed like the place for me, what they were building, so I decided this would be the best place to take my career to and here we are.

AG: How would you describe your game to the Rovers fans and how you go about the field?

WM: I just like to keep it simple if I am honest. I usually go with three things: run hard, good line-speed in defence and extra effort working hard. I want to do the basic things well and as a front-rower I think that is probably the best thing you can do really; just do the basics consistently well and you cannot go much wrong from there.

AG: Looking at the competition in the rest of the squad, who do you think you will be vying with for a position?

WM: I reckon the entire squad! We have got a 30-man squad but everyone is competing for a spot so there is not really a weak link in the team.

I do not reckon even anyone who used to be a dead-set in the team is going to be 100 per cent in week in week out, so I would say everyone is competing with everyone really, which is not a bad thing.

It brings the best out in yourself, so I know that I have to be on every week in training and when I get an opportunity to play, I have got to be on every performance to keep my spot.”

AG: What are your goals for 2020 in terms of personal levels and as a team?

WM: Personally, I would like to go with consistency of performances and in terms of appearance-wise, I do not know how many, but last year I did not make that many appearances however I wanted to keep the quality of them up.

Team-wise, we need to take every week as it comes. Focus on week one, be the best we can be in that week and go from that to week two and so on. I do not think we can look too far forward from week one, we will just go from there.

AG: For Sunday’s friendly against Wakefield what are you hoping to get out of it, especially with Wakefield again in round one?

WM: As a team it is a good chance for everyone to impress really. It is a good opportunity to show what you can do; build combinations, people get used to playing with a lot of new faces and so forth.

It is a good chance for people to get a look at one another and see how they like to play and what their strengths are, what your weaknesses are before the season starts so you can work on them before the season has started.

There are a couple more friendlies after that where you can build and build, and hopefully be flying by round one.

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