‘We Aren’t Falling In Love With Ourselves’ – Tony Smith

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‘We Aren’t Falling In Love With Ourselves’ – Tony Smith

Tony Smith insists that Rovers aren’t falling in love with themselves following last week’s victory over the 2020 Challenge Cup winners.

A victory that wasn’t without its faults saw Rovers claim their first back-to-back victories in the Betfred Super League for the first time since July 2018, something the Red and Whites used to help inspire their charge to victory.

“I would say that it was a pretty decent performance. It wasn’t without fault and we will look at the areas that we need to improve on,” said Smith.

“We’ve done it two ways this year, where we’ve either had too many points against us and we’re chasing, or we’ve scored some points, got off to a good start and let teams back in and we didn’t do that this time.

“I’m pleased for the players. Some of those things are likely to happen again through the coming season but I thought we managed it pretty well not to allow Leeds to get back into it.

“We could see that the Rhinos were a bit off their game, and we were able to keep them at bay, so it was pleasing.

“If you’ve been listening to me for the last few weeks you would know that we have I think we have been competitive in games and I think we have been getting better.

“I’m really pleased for the players, they are working hard and they have got the spoils for it. The other thing that got pointed out to me is that we haven’t won back-to-back games since 2018 and that’s just too long to go as a club and a competitive team. That was a big drive for us.”


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