Tony Smith Reflects On Warrington Defeat

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Tony Smith Reflects On Warrington Defeat

Tony Smith has reflected on Saturday’s game against Warrington Wolves, admitting he’s ‘pleased’ with plenty of aspects but say’s his team was hurting after the defeat.

For the opening hour, the Robins were going head to head with one of the league’s giants in a thrilling end-to-end game before the Wire ‘gobbled up’ Rovers’ mistakes and took advantage.

“I thought we competed really well against one of the top teams in the competition who have found some form. It was pleasing in some respects, even at first I thought that we were far off our best that I have seen this year, however, we were competing,” said Smith.

“In the second half, I thought we inflicted a lot of pain on ourselves in a couple of ways. Some by the errors and some by the sloppiness in our defence. You can’t afford to do that against class like Warrington.

“With the class players they’ve got they just gobbled up any mistakes and turned them into points. We’re disappointed overall but I think we’re making progress never the less.”

Flaunting one of the most dangerous left edges in the competition, racking up 12 tries in the opening five rounds, Smith would’ve liked to have seen the right edge given more of a chance to prove their attacking prowess.

“I would’ve liked the right edge to have got some more ball as well, I think that we could have caused some more problems out there. We’re still learning and finding the right opportunities and I think that we have been better at that in other weeks. We probably just didn’t quite take the opportunities at the right time.

“We’d love to play tomorrow to try and go out there and fix up some stuff, but the hurt from this needs to last a little while. We’ll do the same thing as we always do and review in the next couple of days then move on to the next game.

“We’ll be fine. It’s all a bit hurtful at the moment, particularly with that scoreline. But we’ll recover from it and go on and respond in two weeks’ time.”

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