The only constant is change…

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The only constant is change…

Written by club historian, Roger Pugh… 

The only constant is change – particularly in the world today. In the last 12 months Rovers have made no secret of their desire to improve everything on and off the field.

The decision, confirmed by Chief Executive, Paul Lakin at the start of the year, to review the club identity will I am sure have concerned some – but certainly not by me.

Let us look at the facts. What has not changed since those young lads on Hessle Road decided to form a rugby club back in 1882? I cannot think of anything. We have changed grounds on eight occasions – even moving from west to east; we have had too numerous changes of kit to mention; the personnel, playing and otherwise, change all the time. Indeed, the current badge itself was designed only in 1948 and an alternative centenary crest was introduced in 1983.

I have been honoured to be part of the feedback panel who have worked with the club on this project, and I’m very pleased the club have paid respect to its history, with which the club has been associated since its very early days, and yet acknowledged that we are the robins. I have heard it said that a robin is tame by comparison with a rhino, a wolf, a giant or a warrior – but not so! The robin is a very feisty bird – predatorial and territorial – and quite vicious!

Look around – other clubs have completely changed their crests or logos over recent years, along with other sports outfits and businesses. It is right to consider whether the club’s image is right for the future, and to update it if necessary. Next year, the club celebrates 140 years and, in many ways, is preparing to move into an exciting new era. A new identity symbolises this, and the launch later this evening will be an exciting moment for everyone as the club looks to build on the success of 2021, for next season and beyond…


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