Rugby League is more than a sport – sign the petition!

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Rugby League is more than a sport – sign the petition!

Local MP Karl Turner is calling on the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, and the Secretary of State for Sport Oliver Dowden, to act now before it is too late to save Rugby League in the UK. You can help too, sign the petition HERE.

Rugby League is so much more than just a sport, it is cultural identity, a passion, a way of life and a practical, powerful force for good in communities.

  • Rugby League reinvests revenues into its clubs and communities.
  • We are proud of who we are and the difference we make. The playing, working, volunteering and supporting constituency of Rugby League are to a large extent based in areas of considerable disadvantage.
  • 30% of Rugby League fans are from socio-economic groups C2, D & E.

The social impact of the sport is £185m (£185m impact can be attributed to social wellbeing – health outcomes, crime reduction, improved education and employment outcomes, volunteering opportunities and improved life satisfaction).

  • The community work delivered by Rugby League clubs and Foundations has a reach, visibility and value far beyond their core followers.
  • The interventions delivered directly by the sport make a significant contribution to social cohesiveness. This work, especially that in skills and employability, contributes directly to the Government’s ‘levelling up’ agenda.

Inclusive: Across sport, Rugby League leads the way on inclusion.

  • Rugby League’s Community game is growing – third consecutive year of growth.
  • Rugby League is seeing continual growth in women’s and girls’ participation – up 30%.

Responding to the crisis: We are responding to the crisis with all the resources we have.

  • Providing resources for fitness and exercise with new online skills and fitness for children and adults including tailored content for people with learning or other disabilities so everyone is included.
  • RL Foundations and clubs are delivering in-school sessions to support the children of key workers.
  • RL Cares are supporting elderly or disabled former players, coaches etc who may struggle for food, medicine, practical or emotional support.
  • Clubs – professional and grassroots – are actively engaging with vulnerable supporters.
  • Face-to-face mental fitness programmes such as Offload have been converted to online delivery and support which can be accessed by anyone, anywhere.

Show your support for the game you love and sign the petition for Government support now by clicking here.

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