Message from the owner, Neil Hudgell

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Message from the owner, Neil Hudgell

My heartfelt thanks goes to our core support. You’ve stuck with us throughout the year despite the set-backs.

It has been a hugely difficult year, typified by last night at Salford Red Devils. We did enough to win, but found a way not to. It does not rest easy for me that we ended up relying on others to maintain our place at the top table. But we have done, and that’s all that is important for now.

Personally, this has been the most frustrating of my 15 years in charge. We should have put the job to bed six weeks ago.  The delay in securing our position in Super League 2020 has hampered our planning already for next year. We have missed out on several very good appointments, on and off the field.

Sport is often about small margins, and maybe we can point to the six games that we have lost by two points or less. In the eight games, though, against the bottom three teams around us we have won only two. That’s ultimately what has made life so difficult for ourselves.

It has been a bit of an eye-opener for me in one respect. It is the first year I’ve copped any sort of personal abuse. I have been lucky compared to others in other clubs.

Our core support knows where we have come from and how difficult it is. I have no problem at all with people expressing their anger and disappointment, but there is a line that should not be crossed. I do not listen to it, those people are not needed in this club, and we do not need that negativity.

It is a new beginning for the club under head coach Tony Smith, with a major focus on young and ambitious players. We have fair bit of recruitment to do, some tough calls to make, and a lot of hard work to get stuck into.

We have to break this cycle and start to fulfil the enormous potential here. I’m not celebrating averageness, just a sense of relief that we can crack on with that journey.

Always a Robin, see you in 2020.


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