Neil Hudgell on Rovers Forever memberships

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Neil Hudgell on Rovers Forever memberships

Hull KR owner Neil Hudgell says he recognises many of the club’s vital 6,000+ members will be facing ‘extreme hardships’ given the increasing financial pressures associated with the current COVID-19 lockdown, but has urged all who can to stick by the club.

Having seen an overwhelming response from supporters for the 2020 season through the Rovers Forever membership scheme, Hudgell has appealed for as many as possible to retain their memberships, although he appreciates that for many, finances may be a worry.

“At this stage we’d ask everyone to stay with us. We are still confident we can complete the season,” he said.

“I do appreciate that people may be struggling, may have lost jobs, may be Furloughed or maybe in compromising positions. I’d ask those people to contact the club directly and we’ll see what we can do, but on the whole we need people to stay with us.

“People cancelling memberships on block would have a further destabilising effect to the club and it is something I hope we will avoid.

“We have a very loyal fan base, but as I have said I appreciate that these are unique times and people face extreme hardships, so there is a balance to strike.

“As I say, I would like everyone to do their best to stay with us and we’ll do our bit to try and deliver the rest of this year, and not only this year but look at doing something next year as well to reward their efforts.”

Club braced for financial losses if concerts are cancelled

Hudgell says the club is already facing the prospect of significant cash flow shortages as planned concerts at Hull College Craven Park for this summer have been put in major doubt, whilst his own personal financial input is having to be reviewed given he has other businesses affected.

Stars including Sir Tom Jones, Westlife and Little Mix are scheduled to appear at the stadium in June and July and Hudgell says such events are planned into the club’s finances each year.

“Losing the concerts would strip out significant amounts of revenue which is in this year’s cash flows and my own position is that I’d committed a certain amount of revenue between now and the end of the year, and that’s at risk because obviously my other business interests are being compromised.

“I don’t make out we’re a special case. I think every other club has variations on a theme and all those factors need to be in mind when we look to prudently see how we can take the club forward, not just this year but into years beyond.”

Fans who wish to support the club at this difficult time are encouraged to purchase something at or join the Rovers Lottery at

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