Owner Neil Hudgell provides update on Mose Masoe

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Owner Neil Hudgell provides update on Mose Masoe

Hull Kingston Rovers owner Neil Hudgell has spoken to BBC Radio Humberside’s David Burns on the condition of prop Mose Masoe, who suffered a serious spinal injury at the weekend.

“What looked like an innocuous challenge, something you see on the field 50 times a year, has turned into something significantly more serious,” said Hudgell.

“Mose is a giant of a man in many respects and a much-loved character around the club with a huge smile on his face and is hugely respected. For him to stay down and not to move was a sure-fire sign that things were not quite right.

“Mose has had surgery to relieve pressure on his spine, and the initial prognosis is positive. The surgeon was happy with the outcome of the surgery but with that type of injury, it is a long, slow road to recovery.”

Due to the nature of the injury the club are unable to give a definitive report on when Masoe will return. Mose has been encouraged to rest and focus on his rehabilitation process.

“There will not be anything definitive for a long time. The injury is causing a lot of angst and distress to everybody at the club and everyone within the game has expressed much love and support. We will do our best to support Mose and his family and hope for the best outcome.

“Mose is very much a family man. He has two beautiful girls aged six and four, and his wife is having another baby in July and they are at the centre of his first thoughts.

“Having seen him in hospital, he is a very inspirational character – he is laid down with a smile on his face asking how everyone else is, how his team-mates are getting on.  Our focus is on Mose.

“It is a very tight playing group – but nothing like as tough as it is for him at the moment.”

Hudgell praised the generosity and support given to Masoe and his family via the Just Giving donation page.

“The support that Mose have had from the rugby league community, along with the Just Giving page, has seen everyone show their love to him. Any funds that are raised will be given directly to Mose’s family to help with any travel needs, accommodation, and any care needs.

“We are over £10,000 now and we are only at day three – we are going to carry on with the fundraising. Other clubs have offered to put on fundraising events, and we are looking to accept those offers of support, which is a reflection of Mose’s popularity within the game.”

Support has been provided to all club staff and players following Masoe’s injury, and Hudgell concluded: “It is a one-in-a-million injury that has happened to Mose, but it is something that Rugby League has looked at and said, ‘It could have happened to any of us.’

“There are examples and occasions of a serious injury like this in the sport but thankfully they are few and far between.

“I want to reiterate how fabulous it was to see everyone deal with Mose from the moment that he went down to where we are at today. We are very proud of all of the staff.

“I understand Mose is in a stable condition to be moved, subject to the availability of a bed, and then he will be transferred to Pinderfields Hospital, where it will then be a wait-and-see exercise.

“We are dealing with this situation week-by-week – Mose’s injury is still raw for everyone. We need to assess the situation, provide the support Mose needs and see the bigger picture as it unfolds.

“There were some big, grown men in a real state afterwards due to their relationships with Mose. We all need to look after each other, but the bottom line is nobody is struggling as much as Mose.”

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