Mose Masoe Pays Homage To Mind Charity Partnership

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Mose Masoe Pays Homage To Mind Charity Partnership

KRTV caught up with Mose Masoe for the first time since his injury during January.

“Everything is going really good from where I was 7/8 months ago to where I am now is great. It’s still going slow but it’s as best as it could be so I’m pretty stoked.

“It’s a really cool shirt, I think it’s a good charity to be working with especially in the times that was are living in at the moment with Covid-19 and people struggling mentally. If anyone needs help, you really need to talk to someone, it’s not weak to speak.

“I think it’s an awesome charity for people to back and for us to support as a club. As a sportsman you go through a lot of mental pressures so to be linked with them is fantastic.

“I’m quite a stubborn person so when they gave me that prognosis, I was ready for them to give me the worst-case scenario. When the doctors first said to me that I may not walk again I was a bit blow away and it was a huge challenge for myself. It did play on my mind, but I was very fortunate to have a lot of support from the club, the boys in the team my family and rugby league itself.

“I got a lot of strength from my support through people. A lot of people don’t have the same kind of resources to lean on. Like I said if you are struggling, stick in there and get some help.

“It was a tough mental battle, but I had to talk about it and let my feelings out. I was fortunate enough to have my partner Carisa with me. Even the boys coming down to see, I was never in a time where I didn’t have anyone to talk to and having people there for me.

“I was fortunate enough in hospital to have councillors in there for day to day things, but the Mind charity is an awesome thing. One of the biggest killers in this world is suicide, but I don’t think it’s really spoken about, so people need to really be aware to not let things fester on their mind.

“The first game I got to watch was on my phone, seeing all the fans in the stand with their (Mose) masks on made me very emotional and sad, but at the same time grateful for everyone’s support. That’s probably the only time I have been down, just seeing that everyone has been there for me and the continued support has been amazing. A huge thank you to everyone.

“It’s probably the best thing that has happened to us having our new son Lui. We always say to him that he is the best thing that has come out of 2020. It makes us forget about the bad thing that have happened this year, but I always count myself lucky because my injury could have been much worse than what it is now.

“I’m just happy and very lucky to be where I am today.”

Hull Kingston Rovers are proud to have Mind as our 2020/21 charity partner, the 2020/21 Mind shirt is available now at

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