Message from club chaplain John Flavell

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Message from club chaplain John Flavell

Today is day four of our family’s quarantine after I began to show Coronavirus symptoms on Sunday evening. Apart from the effects of the illness itself, which have not been pleasant, the greatest challenge we have faced has been the sense of being unable to carry on with normal life – from popping “on road” to get single items of shopping, to chatting to fellow parents on the school run or socialising with friends over a shared meal or at the rugby. 

One of the ways that the Bible describes the church is as a family. The Apostle Paul says that family is most recognisable not when we are enjoying good times together, but when we are demonstrating love for one another in the hardest of times. We have certainly benefitted from that love this week, as members of our church family have dropped off shopping and prescriptions to us, sent messages of support and encouragement and called us for a chat.

Hull KR prides itself on being more than just a rugby club. We are also, in many ways, like a family. We’ve certainly shown that we’re not just there for each other in the good times! The Coronavirus pandemic gives us another opportunity to demonstrate that those who stand around us on the terraces at Hull College Craven Park are more than just fellow supporters, but our brothers and sisters.

Over the last week I have often thought how fortunate I am to be stuck at home with four other people who I love, when for many having to self-isolate could lead to a loss of human to human contact which could prove devastating. My encouragement to you would be, if you know someone on your street, in your block of flats, or who usually sits next to you in the Roger Millward Stand that could be alone at this time, please reach out to them – drop a note through their door, send them a text, check on their Facebook. Let them know that you’re available and willing to help. Sometimes that could mean running an errand, but most of the time I think they will just be grateful that someone took the time to show they cared.

Whilst for many this feels like a scary and challenging time, it is also an opportunity. Over the last few months Ive been inspired by how weve loved and supported both Rob Burrow and Mose Masoe. Now it’s time to do it for one another. Let’s show the world again, that when we say Rugby League is a family, we can prove it. Let’s be what makes Hull KR great, in the good times and the bad.

P.S. As club chaplain I also want to offer my support to anyone who needs it. Times of uncertainty like these can cause us to ask big questions about life. Whilst I don’t have all the answers, I am always willing to listen and share what wisdom I may have. So, please do feel free to contact me via the contact page on our church website

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