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How To Buy

Are you a 2020 Rovers Forever member?

Simply leave your Direct Debit with DFC running and you will continue to enjoy all the benefits of being a member.

Your membership will automatically renew, so you don’t need to renew online, call us or pop in store. We will simply be in touch to let you know when your 2021 member pack is ready to collect. If, for whatever reason you wish to cancel your membership then please contact us.

No membership sales will be made to new supporters for 2021 until we can guarantee we can fit all our of existing members into Hull College Craven Park.

Are you a 2020 full season member waiting to renew?

The only way you can renew until the Fan Experience Store reopens on November 5th is via Enter your membership number along with payment information and we will automatically renew your stand and seat, if applicable, for the 2021 season.

Once again it is cheaper and easier to become a member via than the in-store prices. Plus for 2021 there is NO £20 admin fee. So Rovers Forever really is the cheapest and easiest to commit your support to the club ahead of 2021.

Are you new for 2021?

Sales of memberships are not available to new supporters until we can guarantee we can accommodate all of our 2021 members inside Hull College Craven Park next season. We anticipate sales to new supporters will commence from December. If you are interested in a 2021 membership you can Join Our Waiting List. You will then receive priority before we go on general sale.

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