Meet the Hull KR Academy

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Meet the Hull KR Academy

Hull Kingston Rovers are proud to be bringing back their Academy system for the 2020 campaign.

In this article, we will be revealing the names of each individual that has joined the club, with profiles from Head of Academy Youth Coaching Jason Netherton and Head of Youth John Bastian.

These individuals have put pen to paper on part-time professional contracts from their community clubs as they make their first career steps.

You can follow this web-page throughout the off-season.

Bailey Dawson

“Bailey is a back-rower from Skirlaugh who previously came through the City of Hull Academy system. He’s gained England Youth selection in the past too.

“He’s got a family history of being involved with Hull KR. His dad Sean is a scholarship coach and his grandad, Ian Robinson, played for the first-team in the 1980s. It’s a great achievement for Bailey to sign his first professional contract.

Charlie Roe

“Charlie is a centre/winger from Skirlaugh from the City of Hull system, and a very good athlete. For his age, he’s probably the strongest, pound-for-pound, player that we have at the Academy so far. I’m excited to work with him.

Charlie Moy

“Charlie is quite tall and rangy for an outside-back. He’s got a great skill-set, he’s quite elusive and is another player from Skirlaugh. His mother is a die-hard Red and white too which also helps!

Jack Offen

“Jack, a half-back, is a surprise package – he’s a very lean and athletic young man. He’ll physically develop over the next four years. You watch him play and he’s very aggressive, very strong – and a lot of teams underestimate him. He’s got a lot of skill to back it up too.”

Netherton said: “We have some good players coming through and these are the first wave of under-18s players unveiled. We’re looking forward to looking at their pathway and into the first-team across the next 5-10 years.”

Bastian added: “We’re delighted to have all four on board and a massive thank you to the Skirlaugh club, all the coaches and the volunteers down there that have given these guys so much support over the years. That’s exactly what we have to do now here at Hull Kingston Rovers. They have the opportunity to build, to progress and hopefully reach their ideal pathway, out on this pitch with each other at Craven Park.

“They’ve got an element of understanding with each other, having all come from Skirlaugh, but you start to build them as individuals and a team. November is when the hard work kicks in for these players and we’ll start to change them in some areas. From our meetings with these players, they’re really excited for the opportunity.”

Block 2

Daniel Okoro – Milford Marlins

“Daniel joined the City of Hull Academy just under two years ago. He’s a centre that could probably play on the wing. His game is developing nicely. We’ve spoken to Daniel so we know which areas to improve to take him to the next level and he is certainly showing the commitment. He’s certainly an exciting prospect.”

Connor Moore – Milford Marlins

“Connor went through the City of Hull Academy scholarship system. He’s a rugged, tough competitor. He’ll either be a prop or loose forward, playing similar to a front-rower – he’s strong, has a powerful athletic frame and is certainly hard working. We want to take his fitness and his strength to the next level and I think once we get that we are going to have an exciting player with us. Depending on how far he wants to go, he has every chance to achieve and succeeding in rugby league.”

Alex Dickens – Cottingham Tigers

“Alex has again come through the City of Hull Scholarship system and he is a terrific young man. He has a really good attitude and every time you meet him and talk to him about rugby league, you can tell that he has a passion for the game and wants to improve and develop. He is a very good young back-rower that if he works hard and he listens and he learns, there is no reason why he can’t succeed.”

Travis O’Loughlin – Skirlaugh Bulls

“Travis has joined from the Skirlaugh Bulls, and they have a real tradition of producing talented young players who go on and do good things. Travis has got a wonderful attitude. He’s another young man that when you sit down and you meet him and talk to him, you see his love and passion for the game.

“He wants to understand his position at hooker and more about that role. He certainly is a high-energy player with some good skillset and we want to support his development by improving that and take him to the next level.”

Block 3

Luke Connell – Cottingham Tigers

“Luke is a very powerful, athletic prop-forward. He’s explosive, skilful and without a doubt, he has some great footwork and speed.

“He’s got a real desire to want to achieve and be successful in rugby league. He’s a quiet young man but his personality will come out. He knows he needs to go to another level with his strength and fitness but he’s got a passion to want to play for our first-team and hopefully we can help him on his way to achieving that.”

Nathan Cullen – Cottingham Tigers

“Nathan can play centre or wing. At 6ft 3in, he moves very well, has a great work ethic. Sometimes you can tell when a young player has a hunger, and Nathan has that. He is going to physically get stronger across the next two to three years and his skillset will also improve. It’s an exciting time for him and the club.”

Bradley Ward – Heworth

“When I watch Brad, he’s got the X factor. He’s a former footballer that has transitioned into rugby league. How he’s been missed over the last few years I have no idea, but I’m delighted that he’s joining Hull KR. He has a wonderful attitude and has a bright future ahead of him.”

Kieran Wall – Skirlaugh Bulls

“Kieran is a young front-rower who caught the scouts’ eyes with his work-ethic. He works hard for the team, takes the hard and scruffy carries, which sometimes one or two others may step away from. If he works hard enough, everything will fall into place.”

Liam Carr – Castleford Panthers

“Liam has high energy and a real enthusiasm to play rugby league. He has certainly got a big engine and work ethic with regards to working hard, carrying the ball, supporting other players too. He certainly has a personality which influences others around him.”

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