Mitch Garbutt ‘Tackles the Tough Stuff’ as he speaks about post-career plans

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Mitch Garbutt ‘Tackles the Tough Stuff’ as he speaks about post-career plans

Hull Kingston Rovers prop Mitch Garbutt has thrown his weight behind Super League’s #TackleTheToughStuff campaign – and insists it is OK to talk to anyone within the sport.

The forward was present at Emerald Headingley Stadium on Monday afternoon, speaking in-depth about his plans for life after rugby and his own thoughts on mental health within the game.

“The #TackleTheToughStuff campaign is great, and it’s something that Super League has really got behind. It’s a team sport and the players need to know that they’re not alone and this initiative is a step in the right direction,” Garbutt told KRTV.

“Everyone has a story where they’ve lost a friend or a loved one and they all say they wish they’d spoken to them beforehand. This is all about that it is OK to talk and people are here to help.


“Rugby league is built on toughness but now the flip-side of it, away from the field, people need help and we’re at the stage now that people are willing to help.”

Garbutt is keen to work within player welfare post-career, and already has qualifications leading up to the job.

“I’m very passionate about player welfare,” he added. “I’m lucky enough to have completed a few courses that can put me in good stead to pick up a job in that industry. It’s hard to plan for something you never want to happen, the end of your career, as you never know when it will be.

“When you get to 28, 30 years old you may only have two or three years left and you wish you’d have started planning years ago. Luckily enough my dad pushed me to do an apprentice and I’m a qualified electrician. I’ve also had some good welfare managers at different clubs I’ve been at to earn the credentials for life after rugby.”

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