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Rufus Request

As part of the club’s policy of serving the local community, Hull Kingston Rovers recognise that our club mascot is perceived as a ‘local celebrity’ and has many fans in his own right.

Therefore Rufus is available to make a limited number of appearances throughout Hull and surrounding areas during the year.

Rufus will be available to make appearances on behalf of schools, non-profit making organisations and community events. Each appearance will last a maximum of one hour and external organisations will be limited to one appearance per calendar year.


In order for appearances to be beneficial for all involved and to assist in the selection of possible appearances the club has put together the following criteria:

• There needs to be a clear role for Rufus at each of the appearances.
• All appearances must ensure that the maximum number of people are influenced by the visit (For example, an entire school assembly rather than classroom).
• Each organisation is limited to one appearance per calendar year (unless otherwise agreed).
• The requests must last up to a maximum of one hour.
• All appearances are subject to club approval and are not guaranteed.

Submitting a request

In order to be considered, ALL appearance requests must be submitted in the following manner:

• All requests must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the date of the appearance.
• All requests must be submitted in writing on your organisation’s letterhead.
• All requests must be accompanied by an Appearance Request Form.
• All Appearance Request Forms must be completed in their entirety and accompanied by your written request on letterhead. Incomplete forms will not be considered.

Rufus appearance forms can be downloaded here… Rufus Request Form

All requests should be sent to or mailed to the following address:

Jodie Hammond
Hull KR Trust
Hull College Craven Park
Preston Road
Hull HU9 5HE