Albert Vete Ready To ‘Get Stuck In’

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Albert Vete Ready To ‘Get Stuck In’

New signing Albert Vete can’t wait to get to England to experience Super League crowds and the intensity of the Hull Derby rivalry.

Speaking to KRTV, Albert couldn’t contain his excitement to get “stuck in”…

“I didn’t follow Super League in the early part of my career, but over the last few years I’ve really noticed the rivalry between teams, especially when Sam Tomkins came over to the Warriors.

“He used to tell me stories about the crowds there and how intense the football is. Hearing that I started following how teams are tracking over there, I have a lot of friends playing in Super League spread across the teams, I’ve talked to them about their experiences and they love it. They couldn’t talk it up enough.

“I’m really excited about the next journey in my career and really excited to get over there in early January and get to work. I can’t wait to meet the boys, meet the fans and get amongst the Hull rivalry, I’ve heard it’s pretty intense so I’m keen to get stuck into that.

“I’ve heard about the fans after talking to Tony (Smith), he said the fans are very passionate about their team. I’ve heard they love to do a lot of singing which is different to New Zealand and Australia. I think crowds returning will add a lot of atmosphere back into Super League. COVID has been tough for Super League and the NRL, they had that period without crowds too, but you just tell the difference in games when the crowds came back, they added to the intensity. I’ve got no doubt it will be the same in Super League.”

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