Adopt a player

The club are delighted to team up with the Rovers Supporters Group (RSG) to launch a ‘adopt a player’ fundraiser scheme.

Following the COVID-19 crisis the club have taken a significant financial hit. ‘Adopt a player’ is a simple and fun way for those supporters who wish to make a extra financial contribution to get involved.

Simply make a donation of any amount using the button below and we’ll randomly assign you one of the club’s 1,260 players from our history via email. The email with your adopted player will be sent in August. Please make your donation by August 3rd so we can collate all the entries and randomly assign the players.

You could adopt one of the greats like Roger Millward or Clive Sullivan, or it could be Jim Scott who made one appearance for the club in 1970 – it’s the luck of the draw!

Your ‘adopt a player’ email will contain the players name, heritage number and number of appearances for the club.

You can donate any amount from 1p and all donations will remain anonymous. If more than 1,260 supporters donate then we will issue duplicate players. The donation amount will have no bearing on the player you assigned, it will be completely random.

Thank you so much to our supporters for their continued patience and support – get involved with ‘adopt a player’ below…