2020 member price freeze

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2020 member price freeze

The club are delighted to announce that all 2020 members will be rewarded with a three year price freeze as a thank you for their loyalty.

The move will see prices for existing members frozen until the end of the 2023 season.

Additionally, members who were due to move up a membership category in 2021 will have their 2020 price honoured as a gesture of goodwill.

For example, a member who was due to move from the Under 18s category to the 19 – 21 will category will continue to pay their 2020 price for one more year. A member who is due to move to a lower priced category, i.e. Adult to concession will benefit from the reduced rate.

As always, we will do all the work for Rovers Forever members on their behalf for any price or category changes.

More 2020 member loyalty rewards and benefits will be confirmed soon.

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