Memberships: FAQs

Find all the answers to the frequently asked questions below…

Do I need to sign-up?
If you joined Rovers Forever for the 2017 season, sit back, relax, we will automatically process your 2018 membership. We have sent you a letter to confirm the details but there’s no need to reapply online, call or visit the Rovers Retail Store. We will contact you in November when your 2018 member pack is ready to collect.

If you are 2017 member, not yet on Rovers Forever but hoping to join sign-up online at Please enter your 2017 member number and we’ll automatically reserve your seats. Upon completion of your application you will be provided with a unique code should you have any queries.

New for 2018? – If you have signed up for a Hull KR membership for the first time, or have returned after a few seasons away and would like to reserve a specific seat, please sign-up for Rovers Forever online at and a member of the ticketing team will contact you to select your seats.

On an agreed day each month we will then automatically bill you for your Rovers Forever membership. You must make a minimum of 12 monthly payments, after this point your membership will automatically renew each month so you can continue with your full member rights, including access to every home game until you tell us otherwise.

Which areas is this available for?
All areas of the stadium.

If I pay for a full membership in full can this automatically renew each year?
Yes, you can set up an annual Direct Debit that automatically renews each year.

Can I add other items to my Direct Debit and spread the cost too, i.e. Hull KR TV?
Yes, simply head in store and our ticketing game and create a package bespoke to your needs.

What if I miss a payment?
All the Direct Debits will be outsourced to DFC who will contact you and remind you to pay. If payment is not made you will be subject to late payment charges.

How do I cancel?
The minimum contact length is 12 months, after this time you are free to cancel whenever you wish with a months’ notice. However as soon as you cancel your benefits package, including access to home games will be stopped. The price you pay now cannot be guaranteed if you cancel and reapply.

I will change membership category after this season, will I pay too much / too little?
We will automatically adjust the amount you need to pay based on your eligibility, don’t panic we will notify you in writing before any changes are made to your account.

Is there a fee to join?
To make supporting the club as affordable as possible there is no sign-up fee to join Rovers Forever if you apply before 5pm October 14th. However due to the increased costs of running a Direct Scheme a £20 joining fee will be in place for all those who sign-up thereafter. 2017 members who are automatically renewing will NOT be charged any admin fees.

The full Rovers Forever terms and conditions can be found on
Full 2018 membership Terms & Conditions can be found on

Rovers Forever
Sign-up via Direct Debit and your membership will automatically each month / year until you tell us otherwise!

As in 2017 there’s massive additional savings for 16 – 18 year olds
We will now offer ‘Youth’ rates up until the age of 18.

Retirement age tracked
We track the standard UK retirement age for concession memberships. As it stands we have set this as 65.

Magic Weekend
Members will be entitled to 50% off Magic Weekend tickets with the club keeping all the proceeds from those sold.

Number of games
A guaranteed 14 home league games, should we qualify for a 15th game at home during the Super 8s it will be included in your membership for free. Should we play in the Million Pound Game, fans are reminded that this will be charged on top of their membership as are all Cup ties, playoff games and friendlies.


Senior Citizen
Over 65 years old at time of purchase.

Must be in full-time education and produce either a valid NUS card or a letter from the college or university.

19 – 21
Date of birth must be after 01.09.97 and before 31.08.99

YOUTH AGE, 12 – 18
Date of birth must be after 01.09.99 and before 31.08.06

Date of birth must be after 01.09.06 and before 31.08.13

Date of birth must be after 01.09.13. All infants are subject to a £2.50 admin charge. If you wish to reserve a specific seat for the infant you must pay £20, alternatively the infant can sit on the parent or guardian’s knee.