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Ask KR: Top three questions

The latest installment of "Ask KR" has been sent out via an exclusive newsletter to 2017 member inboxes now, with some of the best bits highlighted below.

Offering an opportunity for members to gain more information about on or off-field activities at the club, Ask KR was introduced last year to improve communication with supporters and is conducted every quarter.

The next 'Ask KR' Q&A will take place during October.

Ted #556098 - Assuming we manage to get back to Super League for next season what sort of player turn around do the club foresee in the close season?

JP – Should we secure our place back in Super League for next season, we would anticipate minimal changes to the squad at this stage, although that situation is continuously under review and is determined by a number of factors. With the signing of Danny McGuire for next season already announced, plus the arrival of the likes of Justin Carney, Mose Masoe, Lee Jewitt and Chris Atkin into the club during recent months, we have already brought in a number of players of proven Super League standard.

We also have a large squad with plenty of depth and we have worked hard to secure contract extensions with a number of players to ensure we are in a strong position. Final decisions on players and recruitment always rest with Tim Sheens, but we have planned for consistency and continuity rather than wholesale changes.

Various – Will the gate be opened at the back of the car park again?

MS – The gate is open again. The Big Listen highlighted concerns from supporters around egress after the game and situations where the area was becoming congested. Supporters also raised concerns about the land beyond the gate, particularly in wet conditions. I want to explain our decision to temporarily close the gate further …

Our number one concern on a matchday is the safety and security of our supporters. Following the concerns raised in the Big Listen it was only right that we took the necessary precautions and took legal advice before reopening the gate.

The land on the other side of the gate is not our land, and we do not take responsibility for it. Unfortunately that land is not in the best condition, however we are powerless to improve it and particularly in winter it does become very muddy and uneven.  I hope this helps explain our position, we didn’t close it to be difficult or to inconvenience anyone.

Keith #723 - With immediate effect, the telephone number to reach the store will change to 08712 88 99 88 as part of a major overhaul of the club’s telephone network made as a result of the recent Big Listen 2017 survey. Did the survey really show that supporters wanted to pay 13p per minute to contact you?
In the last survey I asked if away tickets could be printed at home. You replied that this was not possible due to differing systems and barcodes not being compatible. I have been to virtually all away matches. Not one ticket had a barcode on it.

MS – Our telephone service was scored the lowest out of all our touchpoints with supporters, in fact out of anything at the club for two years consistently. The main issue was that every phone in the store rang irrespective of if it had an operator on it. This gave the impression to supporters that we were not answering calls or didn’t have any staff available and hence fans became increasingly frustrated.

We took the decision in November to move to a new system that would allow us to queue manage calls. Unfortunately there is a cost for this system, this isn’t a money making exercise and the implementation has taken some time. To compensate supporters, we have removed online booking fees for home match tickets, these used to be £1 extra per ticket. So on balance supporters are better off from the change. We take on board supporters’ concerns and we’ll publish a list of the options and numbers on our website so supporters can press the number they need without having to listen to the pre-recorded message.

With regards to print at home away tickets, to issue a print at home ticket a barcode needs to be on it for security purposes, otherwise someone could just buy and print one and then photocopy it. The barcode is single use and prevents multiple people accessing a stadium on the same ticket. So you are right, many away club tickets don’t have barcodes, but we cannot generate barcodes for away print at home tickets if the away club doesn’t have the correct facilities to scan them.

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